Scholarship Letter – A Note To My Future Patient

Mrs. Spencer, 


I just wanted to reach out to thank you for considering me as your psychiatrist. I understand moving can be incredibly stressful, especially when you consider the choice of a new mental health professional, not to mention the pressure that comes with an entirely new environment. So I wanted to restate how appreciative I am of your efforts to build a connection with me. When it comes to your health, whether it’s mental, physical, or anything in between, the most important thing should always be the level of comfort you have with the person providing your care. I understand that finding the correct fit in a doctor is super important. I realize that you have not made your final decision yet, but I would be honored to work with you. With my specialties, and the obvious chemistry between us during your consultation last month, I believe we could be a great match for each other. Whatever you decide, I would love to hear back to see what path you decide to take. It’s become incredibly tricky to find a healthcare provider that aligns with your specific desires for what you want out of this experience, so my practice and I make a conscious effort, and even take pride in our ability, to prioritize helping our prospective patients above profiting off of them. Whether or not I am your psychiatrist I have an obligation to get you the help you need. It was a pleasure to have met you in person and I can’t wait to hear back from you. Please take care of yourself.


Dr. Isaacs