What’s Up on the Date of June 26 2015

This morning I was doing arts and crafts and watching TV when I felt like going to the park. I wanted to go to a park that we like to call Castle Park. (Me and my family like to come up with silly names for each park we go to.)  My brother Brytan wanted to go to Fire Park. (Don’t worry! It is not burning! It’s just next to a fire station.) Then we started fighting about which park we where going to go to. Then my mom said, “How about we go to a park that I saw on the way to you and your brother’s baseball practice?!”  Then we decided really quickly that we would go to the one my mom found. The park was AMAZING!!! Then we played and I brought my jump rope so I tied the end to the bar that you hold on to on the top of the slide and when we where at the bottom we would climb up the slide and then do it again. Then after an hour at the park we came home and we watched TV for about 3 hours and we left for my soft ball practice. After practice we ate at Pizza Hut. What a great end of the day. :p #LOL

Reason Why You Are Reading

Me and my family are thinking about going on a trailer trip for a year this upcoming fall!!! That is pretty much the only reason that you are reading or listening to this right now.